Grade question about Harmon Killebrew RC

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I don't have any graded cards, but I am looking at trading for a Harmon Killebrew RC and I have a question.

Since I don't have much vintage, I don't have a very good eye for what a card would grade for and what to look for.

Below is a link to the Killebrew RC I am thinking about trading for.

I am wondering if there are any amateur graders out there who would take a look at the card and give me their honest appraisal of it. I'm just trying to get some opinions of what condition the card is, and its approximate value.

It would help me a lot. Thanks guy[email protected]/26019173425/


5.00 star(s)
If I were you I would definitely ask to see the back of the card before attempting to trade for it. A wax stain or tearing would really reduce the value of that card. A lot of people seem to have pasted or glued cards into scrapbooks in that era and the backs often got damaged when removing the cards.

I don't know much about the numerical grading stuff but if that were my card and the back was OK , I would value it at around $75-$100.. I'm basing that off the $250 high Beckett value in my January, 2016 guide.

Man, it is hard to believe a 60 year old RC of a non borderline HOFer only books at $250 high book!