grades are in bgs 9.5 jeter autos pop 1 and low pop


Bench Warmer
Some nice low pop cards. I am very pleased overall. My only disappointment is the SPX stars Jeter auto...thought that was a 9.5 over a 9, but still please overall none the less.

-BGS 9.5 2007 UD Masterpieces 5x7 Box Topper Signatures #MP3 Derek Jeter Auto on Card, this is Pop 2, None Higher, so the best hit in the sub IMO (a large oversized card). First pic is with camera flash on; second is camera flash off. The card is gorgeous, but I was hoping to score a 10. Still love the grade and the card. Cannot complain with pop 2, none higher, and this being the best subs out of the two out there.

-2 x BGS 9.5 1997 Bowman's Best Autographs #82 Derek Jeter Auto on Card and Low Pop. I submitted two of these. Ironically, they got the exact same scores. I have some pics with flash on. I note the different cards based on the last digit of the serial #. The sub 10 was nice for each.

-BGS 9 2007 SPx Young Stars Signatures #DJ Derek Jeter auto low pop. This card as "refractor-like" finish/look. There must be a refractor line or something I missed to drop the surface grade to a 8.5. Thought this was an easy gem mint card. Once pic has flash and the other does not.

-BGS 9.5 2006 SPx #61 DJ Derek Jeter Pop 3. I was trying to score a 10 or black label here, but only gem mint.

-BGS 9.5 2007 Bowman Chrome #90 Derek Jeter Pop 1. I was once again trying to score a 10 or black label here, but only gem mint.

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