Great Day On Tuesday!


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Hey guys,
While I was away on Tuesday, I got these in:

Ryan Snare 6/3 c/o Home in 12 days (He asked me to make these customs for him. I made them and sent him a bunch of them, only asking him to sign 2 customs and this rookie card I have had since he was traded to the Rangers. When I opened it up today, I found that he had sent me 5 customs back and my card signed. What a great guy and another one down for the Rangers collection.) A couple can be FT if anyone needs him.


And then I got all of this in in a trade with my good buddy, CW13. Thanx man, you're awesome!

Customs that I made for 50/50:
Jameson Tallion
James Paxton x2
Addison Reed
Christian Colon
Alex Wimmers x2


Signed cards:

Maury Wills
Trey Hillman
Jeff Robinson
Geno Petralli
Pete Incaviglia
Jeff Granger
Dave Chalk
Charlie Taylor


Thanx for looking!