Great Day!!


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Got to hang out with Darrell(thehalk) and Arron(elmesero5) at the tunnel in Arlington today and graphed a bit...First the trades and TTMs that have arrived the last couple of days

From Andrew(thanks a lot!)
Clay Rapada
Jeff Zimmerman
Ricky Jordan

From Arron(50/50s)
Cristian Guzman
Chris Davis
Engel Beltre (2)
Brett Anderson
Mike Moustakas SS OMLB (extremely happy with this one!had an unbelievable year)

Jerry Browne 6/6
Tommy Boggs 7/7(sweet red pen...right)
Luke Hochevar 1/1 1 GU American Association Ball(he played for FW Cats)

At the tunnel today, I would say we did pretty well. Got there just after Jackie Moore stopped and did not have anything for Mitch Moreland, Mike Brumley or Jamey Wright but this was my haul

Clint Hurdle 2 cards
Ron Washington 1 card
Tommy Hunter 1 card
David Murphy 1 card
Jorge Cantu 2 cards
C.J. Wilson 1 program

Thanks for reading!!


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WOW! Great successes I love the CJ Wilson sig. I need to get a Moustakas asap! please let me know next time somebody sees him.