Great IP day at Camden Yards


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Went to the home opener on Friday and nobody signed because of the pre game ceremonies. Went to the next game on Saturday night and had some great successes! 3 of these I needed for my collection since I didn't already have them, including the Jones which I still can't believe he signed!! Especially since he had a ceremony 5 minutes later for him to receive his gold glove from last year.

I'm going to the game tomorrow night for the first Alumni Autograph signing of the year. They have at least 3 former Orioles who sign at a table before the game. Then I'll go down to the field and see if I can get some more current O's autographs.

Rick Dempsey

John "T Bone" Shelby (will never come talk to you if you call him John, you must yell for T Bone)

Brad Bergesen

Kevin Millwood

Will Ohman (didn't have a card for him)

Adam Jones