Great Moments in Sports... TTM Ideas?

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Jan 25, 2009
Markham, Ontario
Hey guys, I was pumped a few days ago to add one of my favorite sports memories to my collection of famous sports moments (all 16x20 photographs) - El Presidente's Perfect Game. I've got a bunch so far, most of them IP at signings. The Dennis Martinez photo was the 2nd I got TTM, the other being Bobby Thomson. I was just wondering if you guys have any other ideas on who I could try to get TTM? There are alot of iconic moments that have iconic photos that go along with it, but of course if the athlete is super famous or the "moment" made them super famous, they may be tough to get TTM. So I'm looking for someone who's a good bet to sign TTM and does have a famous moment under his or her belt.

Here's what I got so far (most of these are very "Canadian", but... a) I am Canadian so they are in my interests and b) these are the guys signing in my area)

Dennis Martinez - Montreal Expos
"El Presidente, El Perfecto!" - Expos Broadcaster Dave Van Horne
July 28, 1991
Relive the moment:

Bobby Thomson - New York Giants
The Shot Heard 'Round the World
October 3, 1951
Relive the moment:

Alex Ovechkin - Washington Capitals
THE Goal
January 16, 2006
Relive the moment:

Joe Carter - Toronto Blue Jays
Walk Off World Series Winning Home Run
October 23, 1993
Relive the moment:

Bobby Orr - Boston Bruins
Stanley Cup Winning Goal
May 10, 1970
Relive the moment:

Mario Lemieux - Team Canada
1987 Canada Cup Winning Goal
September 15, 1987
Relive the moment:

Paul Henderson - Team Canada
1972 Canada Cup Winning Goal
September 28, 1972
Relive the moment:

Reggie Jackson - New York Yankees
1977 World Series - Game 6 (3 Home Runs)
October 18, 1977
Relive the moment:

Darryl Sittler - Toronto Maple Leafs
10 Points, 1 Game
February 7, 1976
Relive the moment:

Plan to frame them all like this (the one shown is my buddy's, I didn't get mine done yet):


Al Kaline AKA Mr. Tiger and Willie Horton are great signers. You can also get 84 WS Champs manager Sparky Anderson, just a couple of ideas for you.
A friend of mine has an 8x10 of George Brett screaming at Tim McClellan after the pine tar incident. He's had it signed by Brett and McClellan. It's pretty awesome. (These were IP, not TTM).
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Those look amazing! Maybe you could try doing most of the recent perfect games. As far as I know, most of them are very good signers. Congrats on some amazing looking items! I'm jealous! :)
How about rick Monday saving the flag at dodger stadium in 1976.
don larsen / berra - perfect game ........ Nolan Ryan /Ventura headlock

some great suggestions listed above, first thought was the mookie wilson / buckner ... and I love the Rick Monday suggestion -
1.) Bob Watson scoring baseball's 1- millionth run in 1975
2.) Any photo from any milestone, such as anyone of Nolan Ryan's 7 no hitters, Pete Rose's hit to pass Cobb, 3,000 hits from Brett, Winfield, Yount, Biggio, Aaron, Mays, Musial, Gwynn, etc.
Thanks for all the suggestions guys... some good ones in there. More football or basketball ideas would be cool too.... as you can see I'm heavy on hockey and baseball.

How about Franco Harris? is he a TTM guy? "The Immaculate Reception" might be a cool one.