Great Night Last Night

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Aug 30, 2005
First, an eBay purchase:


Next, I took a trip to Autographs Ink in Colleyville. I found two Astros I needed:



As we were checking out, the cashier asks me if I like hockey. I say that I don't but my brother loves it. So he gives me two free tickets to the Stars game last night. It was fantastic. My brother hates the Stars, so watching them lose 6-1 was great for him. The American Airlines Center is a great venue as well.

So I'm pretty happy. As I'm checking out, I see their grab bags and figure "why not?" I mean, he had given me two $60 tickets for free. So I grab one. A lot of commons and a card in a top loader. So I leaf through and when I get to the top loader, it says "Congrats! You've won a signed Hank Blalock 8X10!"

Oh yeah. Great trip to the card shop.

thats a great day at the card shop you walk away with some great autos and some game tix thats awesome!!!! congrats on the pick ups!!!
Wow! Nice day for you. You are lucky to have received free tickets :D
that is funny a buddy of mine went yesterday and bought hocket stuff and he did not offer them to him haha
Who knows. They may have thought they were going and something came up or the wrong guy was at the register. All I know is that it was one of the best trips to a card shop I've ever had. It could have only been better if I found a Jay Dahl auto or some rare Darryl Kile.