Happy Birthday To Me!!! Part 2

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Jul 27, 2009
Wichita Falls, TX
First, thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes. I really appreciate it. Well, I had my party tonight and we had a good time despite the Rangers playing like a AA team right now. I got to open the rest of my presents tonight and everything I got was Rangers related in some way and I got a ton of baseball cards and even a success today.

I guess I'll start with the success:
George Sherrill 1/1 c/o Dodgers in 9 days


Then I pulled a Rafael Furcal jersey card from a box of last year's Topps Update.


I thought this was interesting too. I got 2 boxes of last years Update and opened one last night and the other tonight. The were from different locations but both from WF and I pulled 2 Gold #'d Classic Combos cards of Edinson Volquez and Russell Martin, one from each box. I thought that was kind of cool.


Ok now I have a question, actually two questions that I would be thrilled if someone could answer or me. My great aunt gave me this card, its a gold card with what appears to be a serial # on the back of the 1st 5 Hall of Famers. I was just wondering if ayone knew if it was worth anything.


The other thing is my dad who knows nothing about baseball cards got me a bunch of these cards in a carboard frames with a piece of that players jersey in it, but the jersey isn't on the card its in the frame. I don't have any pics but I can take some if you want to see. I was just wondering if these carry any value as well.

Any info would be helpful.
Thanks for looking! :D
Those gold cards were popular in the early-mid 90s. They have average collectors value for oddball items from that era. Many weren't licensed I believe, making them harder to catalog.

The jersey cards sound like some that were issued in the last couple of years. The cards were "buyback" types of various brands and the jersey piece was included in the frame. Loyalty32 has a bunch scanned in one of his threads for comparison.