Happy Birthday To Me!!!

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Jul 27, 2009
Wichita Falls, TX
Hey guys,
Well this week has been dreadfully slow and rainy and just dull all of the way around but today was or is my 21st Birthday (depending on what time I finish posting this) and I had a pretty good day as far as baseball cards and the like are concerned.
I got my 1st TTM success all week from Carl Pavano 1/2 c/o Twins in 8 days (kept the one that I really wanted signed and smeared the auto a little but a success is a success.)


and for my birthday I got 3 or 4 boxes of baseball cards of assorted sets. I only got to open a few presents because my mom is making me have a party (that i dont really want but hay its burgers and cheesecake, whats better than that?) tomorrow so hopefully I'll have some more stuff to post when I open the rest.
Anyway sorry to bore you with that. My take out of those boxes was a bunch of #d cards but also a Dionner Navarro bat card, a David Wright jersey card and a Rickie Weeks jersey as well, so I was happy with that.


Thanks for looking! :D