Has anyone had the, "card moods?"

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Apr 23, 2008
Well lately I haven't been on the Bench or have much to do with anything with cards. I just don't feel it sometimes, it's happened for years. I'll get all into my Sheffield's and then one day I'll be like, well this isn't entertaining me anymore and do something else. Then maybe weeks or even months later I'll start getting into them again.

I even contemplated selling some of mine seeing as I could get a lot for them, but I know I wont. It's a great hobby that I do still enjoy, I think it's just because not any of my close friends collect cards, let alone any of them really. Nor do they understand the concept of trading for little pieces of cardboard. I clearly do seeing as I'm here, but I think it's logical for me to feel this way? Seeing as if more people in real life have the same interest as you you'd be more inclined to pursue it?
Sure, I think we all go through those periods. I have only made a few trades since the beginning of the year and have spent most of my "hobby time" (read when the wife and kids allow) trying to learn how to play chess. (Feel free to offer me a challenge on Chess.com user name Scottzoe)
Card collecting is hobby that I love, but stepping away for a while allows time to recharge and get excited about it again.
I usually cut back on cards in the summer anyway, to enjoy biking, golf, and softball. Soon enough the collecting bug will bite and I'll be back making 20 trades a month.
I guess the moral of the story is do what YOU like, and if you alternate your hobby time with other interests, you may never burn out the desire to collect.
just my 2 cents,
Same thing happens to me also, I take breaks, but I always come back. Lately I have started focusing on the "common/obscure" players I like, instead of trying to compete with everyone for Pujols stuff. In the end it is a hobby and it allows me to get away from the stress of life, even if just a little while.

I think it happens to about everyone. It does seem to be happening to more people over the last couple of years though. I have loved this hobby since before I can remember, but I really do fear that it is going to continue to go downhill. Baseball cards will always exist, but the hobby that most of us have grown up loving is gone. I almost never see a kid with baseball cards anymore. Seems like the only people left are the ones who have collected for years, and the only new ones are in it for the money. Who will be left to collect when we are gone or stop collecting?
I feel the same way sometimes. My kids are not into it in the least. They even asked my to sell a bunch so they could buy games at game stop. I went to a flea market today and there were no younger collectors in site. I think I will always collect but it gets kind of frustrating at times when it seems that you can never find what you are looking for. I also think that a lot of people are tightening their budgets (at least I am) so that has an effect on the hobby also.
Absolutely. Especially when the weather gets nice outside. Throw in the fact that I have two kids that keep me busy and I HAVE A LIFE outside of baseball cards.
Me Too

Looks like trading for this years heritage is done?
Thinking of taking a break,at least,till the high number series comes out.
I go through that also- some days I will bid on all kinds of stuff on ebay & make lots of trades & other days I could care less.
Yeah, I truly wish there was a bump in the hobby. Although if too many people collected again I feel I would lose interest even more.
It happens to me around this time of there year. I think when there is more to do outside because of the warm weather I slow up a lot.