Have you guys been redeeming your Topps Million Card Giveaway codes?

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Jul 21, 2005
Fort Wayne, Indiana
I see a lot of people with these up for trade and saying the codes aren't used yet. I was just wondering how many people ARE using the codes. I thought I'd try it with the first one I got and the card I got was a 1970 Rod Carew. After that I thought, well what the heck I'm gonna enter them all, and the rest were guys I've never heard of. I haven't had them shipped yet. I thought after I finish the sent and am done buying packs then I'll just have them all sent to me at once.

I'd be interested to hear what other people got for their codes. At least I got one good card out of entering them.
I got nothing but junk. Should have just listed them on Ebay and got some cash back for them to buy stuff I really want.
Hey -

These are the 4 that I have got and entered:

1956 Topps 167 Harry Dorish (BAL)
1958 Topps 444 Danny Kravitz (PIT)
1973 Topps 211 Balor Moore (MTL)
2008 Topps 460 Chase Utley (PHI)

Depending on how much it costs to ship, I'd want the two 50s cards. I think I'm lucky not to hit any of the late 80s-early 90s overproduced cards.

here's my collection thus far:

Maurice McDermott 1953
Maurice McDermott / Pitcher / Boston Red Sox
Card Number: 55

Bob Chance 1965
Bob Chance / First Base / Washington Senators
Card Number: 224

Rusty Staub 1969
Rusty Staub / First Base / Montreal Expos
Card Number: 230

Tim Cullen 1970
Tim Cullen / Second Base / Washington Senators
Card Number: 49

Bob Lacey 1978
Bob Lacey / Pitcher / Oakland Athletics
Card Number: 29

Tom Seaver 1987
Tom Seaver / Pitcher / Boston Red Sox
Card Number: 425

Jeff Bagwell 1993
Jeff Bagwell / First Base / Houston Astros
Card Number: 227

Mike Stanton 2001
Mike Stanton / Pitcher / New York Yankees
Card Number: 12

Freddy Sanchez 2002
Freddy Sanchez / Shortstop / Boston Red Sox
Card Number: 313
So nobody got anything better than my '70 Carew yet?

Search for another thread on this subject from a couple weeks ago (when the website went active). Some folks reported some really good hits including an autograph.

It's really a crapshoot. I've redeemed a dozen and have one (Ted Simmons 1971 RC), maybe two that I would consider redeeming. That's about the typical odds, I'd guess.

It's fun, glad they are doing it. I seek the cards but would not pay the nearly $3 per card as they are selling!

If anyone is interested in trading their cards, PM me.
I redeemed one and got :Team Leaders Card 1987

Team Leaders Card - - Philadelphia Phillies

Card Number:481

Series: Topps Series 1

I had to laugh. I wouldn't want anyone wasting money to ship me this card.
Only got one so far, not sure what I'm going to do with it. Not big on vintage, so I'll hang on to it for now and see what happens.
I pulled the 10 card redemption "set" out of an HTA Box and redeeemd them all. The way i see it, its just like opening up a pack. youre not going to get an au in every pack you open, and every redemption is not going to be Mickey Mantle.

I can only imagine how Id feel if someone wrote to say "thanks for the trade , i redeemed the code and it was a nolan ryan RC !!"

anyways this is what i got.

1966 Roland Sheldon - A's
1966 Al Luplow - Mets
1967 Wes Parker - Dodgers
1970 Buddy Bradford - WhiteSox
1972 Cleo James - Cubs
1972 Dave Concepcion Reds
1972 A's Rookie Stars (never heard of either guy)
1973 Jim Brewer - Dodgers
1974 Mike Marshall - Expos
1974 Joe Coleman - Tigers

Im wondering if and how much the birthdate question affects your hits ?
Or if the code is for card x regardless
Why do i ask ?
I put in my birth year at the beginning of redemption - 1967 -
and then redeemed all 10 cards.
The range of dates of the cards is 1966 - 1974.
Which thoroughly defies the law of averages.

Then again it could be thats the way they distribute them,
and its just coincidence that they are from my childhood.
Metdude- valid point. I was born in 1986 and got a 1987 Topps card... very fishy.
I redeemed 30 of them. My cards were all between 1957 and 1980.

The best cards were some 50's-60's high number commons that book at $8.

I redeemed a code for a 2000 Topps Billy Wagner Auto bv $40 and another one for 1963 Topps Tony Oliva RC bv $50 had some others in the $6-12 range and also some 87 Topps so it is just luck of the draw.
Of the 26 I've redeemed so far, I've gotten two $15 cards. One is a 1953 D. Kolloway and the other a 1955 C. Pascual. At one point I noticed the "recently unlocked cards" were all from the 50's, so I entered the four codes I hadn't used yet, and all 4 came back as 50's cards. I don't think they've pre-assigned cards to codes; I think they assign them in clumps by groups of years. And there are a TON of 1987-1989 cards - something like 500 1988 Pete Rose's given out already.