Hello All

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Aug 5, 2010
East Haven
Hello, My Name is Joey, and i have been collecting for years, upuntill about 10years ago i decided just to collect 1 player, and that is Cal Ripken, ive always had alot of his cards, mainly because, growing up no one wanted him when he was playing lol.

So now i aim to try and get all his cards!!! excpet printing plates.

I found here from people talking about it, and wanted to expand my search to find his cards.

i am a member of Sportcardfreaks, and Sportscardforums; under the same name of joeya2001.

So i have my signature below and how to obtain more ripkens i dont have.

I only want to trade cards in my bucket, and i will trade my doubles of ripken as well.

So, if you have any ripkens and want to trade Please Feel Free to PM me, thank you

Also id like to transfer my feedback from those 2 sites to here if you do that.
Welcome do you happen to need the 4 card set from the 07 Upper Deck Holliday Inn cards?
Hi Joey! Welcome to The Bench! Sorry...but you can't transfer feedback from one site to this site. It's always a good idea to check out the FAQ in the blue area near the top of each page. If you have any questions, you can always pm one of the moderators. Best regards, David
Welcome. Check my site's needs because in looking at your list I have at least a couple of bigger Ripkens you need on my Trade page.