Hello all,

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Bench Warmer
Nov 12, 2016
Staten Island, NY
Hello everyone in the community,
We'd just like to introduce ourselves, we are Team Sets and Singles. We are a father and son pair of box breakers and collectors. We've been collecting together since I was a child and my father has been collecting since the 70's. We mainly focus our collection on Dallas Cowboys and New York Mets we have thousands of cards of those two teams in our collection. We really look forward to being able to buy/sell/trade with you fellow collectors as we will list a lot of the cards in our collection that we sell. We have had an E-bay Store since 2004 where we've been selling cards and we would like to expand to more people who share the same passion that we do. We will post some of our collection that we will have for sale/trade and really look forward to seeing what you other collectors have also in your collection.
We found out about your site through searching on google.
Thank you all for your time, and we look forward to seeing your collections and sharing ours with you,
Team Sets & Singles[EBAY=teamsetsandsinglesny][/EBAY]
Welcome to the site. But please be advised that you cannot sell on this site yet. Please read the FAQ section and it will be explained to you.