Hello, I am New to this site

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Bench Warmer
My user name is NASCAR Ray. I collect 4 Drivers of NASCAR, Jimmie Johnson, Chase Elliott, Kyle Larson and Erik Jones. But I also build sets.
I collect the Cleveland Browns. When it comes to the Cleveland Browns, I bleed Orange and Brown.
I live in Northeast Ohio. I am 56 and I am going to be single soon.
I work for a plastics company and I am a press operator. We make a lot of parts for Honda cars.
I also have another side job and it is cleaning a laundry mat. An hour in the morning and 30 minutes around 4:30 pm. The laundry mat is what funds my cardboard addiction.....LOL.

I also belong to another site and it is for NASCAR Trading Cards. Since Press Pass closed, we have opened up to some other stuff, but very little of it goes around. But at last.... Panini is making NASCAR Cards again and our site will come back to life.

Anyway, that is about it in the short version. Anything else anyone wants to know, Just ask me.

Thank You

tom szczygiel

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Welcome To The Bench !!
Can you use any of these racing ;
2010 Press Pass Relic 3 Colors Metal Lasting Legacies #LL- DW2 Darrell Waltrip 8/25
2011 Press Pass #22 Main Event Red Foil Bobby Labonte 9/20
2011 Goodwin Dual Autographs #A-AA Angela and Amber Cope
2011 In The Game Autograph #A-JVI Jacques Villeneuve
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welcome to the site.I hope you enjoy your experience here.I have some Browns stuff on my webpage,and always looking for former Browns and Hokies Andre Davis Lee Suggs and Mike Johnson
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Welcome Ray, hope you enjoy your time here, and get to know some awesome people! This is a great community!

God Bless,