wild bill

Bench Warmer
Hi Everyone

I’m Warrick “Wild Bill” Dean and i’m 14 and new to this site and card collecting.
I have no idea what goes on here on this site and I was told by a comic dealer in my area to check out this place for baseball related stuff as well as a few other site.

So what goes on here??


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Welcome aboard
You will enjoy it here on "THE PINE"
So let the tradin begin

PS. Read the AQ and you will have a great idea on what goes on

David K.

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Thanks Guys

hey how did you guys get the pictures in your name thing on the side? i want a texas one

Once you completed twenty trades with 20 different traders....and your ratings are high 5's....it will change to the avatar you preselected or you can change it yourself. The player uniform avatar are only for members who reach the HOF.......1,000 post and 100 trades and have ratings in the 5's. Best regards, David