Help Me decide a player to collect

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Aug 8, 2009
I have decided to have a Player PC but I am not sure who I will list my top choices and I want you guys to help me decide.Thanks,Kyle

1.Felix Hernandez
2.Brandon Roy (B-Roy)
3.Allen Iverson
4.Matt Hasselbeck
5.Bill Walton
6.Shaquille O'Neal
thanks everybody!!:D :D
well 3 5 and 6 is going to be a pretty penny....get a local hometown boy. oregon has some players from there. alot more fun and prob get them at a fraction of what u are going to pay for those listed....
I'd go with Felix. He's got a long career ahead, his cards aren't overly expensive yet and he's got a huge upside.
the best in the lot is Felix, but i think you're the only one who knows who you should collect b/c you should only collect cards that you like.
I would go with Lou Gehrig :) I can put a big dent in your PC if you do, LOL. Of what you listed, I guess it depends on which sport you wish to focus on. I would got with King Felix as a baseball guy and there have been some good points on him in the thread already.

take care,
I say ignore whoever any of us put in this thread and pick someone you can really connect with. If not, you will not really enjoy being a "Player Collector". It is different than any other kind of collecting in my opinion.

I have thought about adding Jerome Walton and Dwight Smith to my Andre Dawson collection, but nothing else keeps me interested like Dawson does.

Good luck!

Felix and Brandon Roy are the only guys on your who are still up and coming and exciting....I happen to collect both...just not so much Roy Wonder anymore...

Felix is pretty easy to collect...his stuff is still very cheap considering his ability and potential, the good part of being tucked up in the PNW...

Although you have to consider...if he gets traded will you still be interested?

What about Aldridge or Webster?
Go with Roy, Iverson or O'Neal... And than I will trade you evrything I have of them for any/all Kirby Pucketts you might have!!
King Felix... Im not big on basketball but Roy would be good since you can start getting all his stuff now and don't have to go back several years!!!

really it boils down to who you like watching play!!

King felix has to be the guy. But be careful because I heard he may get traded so if you like him for the team he plays for be careful.
Who do you like the most? Is there a reason why you chose those players?

The players I collect for my PC is any (whether I have it or not) card of Rich Gedman, Gorman Thomas and Kent Hrbek. The reason why I collect them is that as a kid a looked at them and thought that they did not look like athletes, yet they were. They gave me the impression that anyone, with enough hard work, could grow up and play baseball at the highest level.