Hi I am Jesse and I'm returning to the site after a multiple year hiatus...

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Feb 5, 2003
Hi everybody. I am planning to be on the site more after a many year hiatus. I've been a member since 2003 and have completed many transactions and made it to the HOF. I plan on trying to make more with you all!

I'm back and have a TON of things to share as I've been involved in numerous and various things within the trading card industry, heavily since 2012. I've purchased and opened a bunch of cards, had an online store for a while, been to many industry events, met some players and have a plethora of knowledge about the industry, cards in general and some cool pictures to share.

Most of my cards are Baseball, Hockey and non-sport, but also have cards from almost everything else, wrestling, soccer, basketball, football, etc... I also have a lot of cut signatures from all ranges of celebrities, historical people and other pop culture people.

I still collect Albert Pujols, not that heavily for many years - been following him since 2002. I don't have the best or most high end collection of his, but still a lot of cool stuff.

I also have an abundance of other things, like many Holy Grail type level of Funko Pops, other figures, games and collectibles and stuff.

I am looking forward to a great experience with the site as I've had in the past.

So, hello again!
Welcome back Jesse! The hobby has changed a lot......products are more expensive and older cards cost an arm and leg. Only one company produces offical cards....Topps....which was brought by Fanatics. Best regards, David
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Welcome back Jesse! The hobby has changed a lot......products are more expensive and older cards cost an arm and leg. Only one company produces offical cards....Topps....which was brought by Fanatics. Best regards, David
Thanks David! Ohhhhh, I definitely know how much the hobby has changed and the whole Fanatics takeover and licensing and stuff. I didn't leave the hobby, I just left some websites for a long time, lol. Topps/Fanatics will also be getting WWE, NFL and NBA after current licensing ends. I think all licensing will be over to fanatics in a couple years if I remember correctly. Fanatics co-owner said he didn't want to change much about Topps as they have been doing great, but I am already seeing some "interesting" things happening.

My wife and I have opened so many boxes and cases together, but I've tapped out on a lot of products/boxes because prices went up to much, print runs went up, and the hits are now more diluted.

Nice to see you are still around, you've definitely earned that legendary status! Looking forward to making some trades with you!
Welcome back. I just came back myself.
Thanks! Welcome back yourself! This community is great, really happy to see familiar names still around and coming back

We've made trades before, looking forward to doing that again.

What have you been doing with cards lately?
Welcome back. Always nice to see old names pop back up!
Thanks! I agree! Lots of great folks on this site. Once I start poking around and looking at people's wants/haves I will be on the lookout when I am going through cards. I am sporadic when going through and sorting cards, but I have a lot. I enjoy opening stuff with my wife, putting it in boxes and looking through them after a couple years.

Looks like you collect Kirby Puckett. What is your favorite card? What is the #1 card you are looking for?
Welcome back Jesse!!!
Thanks! I'll be on the lookout for some Jim Thome stuff. I don't collect a lot of different players or sets (at the moment), just Pujols and Maris when I can. I probably should finish off a bunch of near complete sets that I have though, lol
Welcome back
Thank you! I have a ton of Giants stuff, so I can start separating when I go through cards and find some better ones. I attached a file, have you ever seen one of these? Pulled from 2002 Fleer platinum back in the day, maybe some on this site remember it. I can't remember if I ever posted it here.


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Oh no,the competition is back! LOL

Welcome back Jesse.
lol! no competition here. I remember that your Pujols collection was way beyond mine with some really awesome cards. However, I DO have 2 Pujols cards that my wife helped me get that are priceless to me (comes with a story), and some fun Pujols pictures and videos that you may like. Feel free to send me a message and maybe we can share some of our cards and make some (more) trades :)
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Welcome back. I'm looking forward to hearing about your endeavors.
hey! I really like seeing all of these familiar names. I have dbacks season tickets so I have some fun baseball stories from over the years. I also have some (what I think) interesting tid-bits from some different industry conferences and such. And non-sports related things. My wife and I really like experiencing things so we do a lot of random and neat stuff, both hobby related and just pop culture stuff. When I get sorted out and going on the site I will share some here and there.

I'd be happy to hear about any of your endeavors as well! Always fun sharing neat, random stories that happen in life.

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