Hi I am Jesse and I'm returning to the site after a multiple year hiatus...

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Welcome back! I don't think we ever has a trade back in the day, but looking forward to possible future trades. I'm looking to complete Topps flagship and update setd from 1980 to 2022, and likely beyond.
Thanks! Shouldn't be hard to find some you may need, lol. Hopefully we can make some trades some time.
Thanks! Hoping to do some trades! Once I click around more and get a feel for the site again and who collects what I'll start trying to do some trading. Will be looking for almost any Pujols, vintage or premium Hulk Hogan and maybe some Roger Maris.
May have some items of interest. LMK when you are ready to talk. Have a great day!
lol! no competition here. I remember that your Pujols collection was way beyond mine with some really awesome cards. However, I DO have 2 Pujols cards that my wife helped me get that are priceless to me (comes with a story), and some fun Pujols pictures and videos that you may like. Feel free to send me a message and maybe we can share some of our cards and make some (more) trades :)
Sounds good. Looks like you've still been collecting as you've shown off a few really nice recent cards. Although I'm still hunting for Pujols I've branched out into set building to keep myself from being bored.

I'm really looking forward to seeing Albert get inducted in 5 years and hope to get a nice seat. It helps when you live only 25 miles from Cooperstown lol. Feel free to pm me with some of your newer acquisitions. I'd like to see 'em.
Hi everybody. I am planning to be on the site more after a many year hiatus. I've been a member since 2003 and have completed many transactions and made it to the HOF. I plan on trying to make more with you all!

I'm back and have a TON of things to share as I've been involved in numerous and various things within the trading card industry, heavily since 2012. I've purchased and opened a bunch of cards, had an online store for a while, been to many industry events, met some players and have a plethora of knowledge about the industry, cards in general and some cool pictures to share.

Most of my cards are Baseball, Hockey and non-sport, but also have cards from almost everything else, wrestling, soccer, basketball, football, etc... I also have a lot of cut signatures from all ranges of celebrities, historical people and other pop culture people.

I still collect Albert Pujols, not that heavily for many years - been following him since 2002. I don't have the best or most high end collection of his, but still a lot of cool stuff.

I also have an abundance of other things, like many Holy Grail type level of Funko Pops, other figures, games and collectibles and stuff.

I am looking forward to a great experience with the site as I've had in the past.

So, hello again!
Welcome back! I'm one of a few White Sox collectors on the board, also build some sets and pick up a few nice cards outside the white sox occasionally for my PC, not sure if we've traded before as I come in and out of being active in the hobby. I also collect former Kentucky players in basketball and football... look forward to doing some trades!