How do you determine value for cards without BV's


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Hi benchies- I was wondering how other determine trade value for cards that do not book on beckett. For example, I have this card:

2003 Playoff Prestige Samples Derek Jeter 53 $N/A

It's not a GU or Auto or even serial #d. I am not sure what value to put on it or even where to begin. Any help? Also, if you have suggestions of the possible trade value for this I would be interested.



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Cards like these it helps to have the big book.. I wanna say they put multipliers of 2x for samples usually but don't list them online.. That was the case for the football as far as I remember anyway


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If a card is not listed I do a lot of comparison shopping if you will. I pull all of the similar cards from that year or that brand over the years. I will also look on ebay and see what like cards are selling for on there. It is not an exact science but at least it gives me a baseline.