how do you know its coming....

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Oct 6, 2006
Tulsa, Ok.
bout 75% of the time I get pm offers for trades, I know whats coming...

I have this $25 card, and I want a $75 card in trade, nevermind it comes from the section NFT, which I assumed most ppl know it means NOT FOR TRADE... guess its right when they say when you assume you make an outta me and u ... but anyways... then I get told im rude, when I tell them in not interested in make a trade of a $75 card for a $25 one... I wont even get into the fact that I posted on the trade that I was taking care of my mother with terminal cancer... which she passed away yesterday (Oct 2nd)... im sorry for the rant... had to get this off my chest, and please feel free to delete if needed or move to a place nobody will read, I just had to type this for me, so I can continue trading...

Thanks, Jeff
Hi Jeff:
I'm sorry about your mother.

From your rant, all I'll like to tell you is that, as long as people know what you expect in return from your cards, just don't let it bother you. If people get irrational or rude, just walk away from it. I'm just trying to help. Hang in there.
Sorry to her about your mom...that's a tough one.

As for unreasonable request, we get them all the time, just let it go and move on.
Hey I'm sorry about your Mother man. I know you're mad, probably more than if she hadn't just passed. But don't let little things like those people bother you. Just keep your head up.
what if your mother passed away and you got this sent to you in a pm?

I'll tell you...i stole her ass from the coffin last night and she's sitting on my couch enjoyin a ciggarette!HAHAHA...Go to the mods...they're gonna laugh there ass off at this!

this was in a pm from lauriontj