How do you organize.?

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Apr 24, 2006
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Conway, AR
Ok one more for experts:

I know you folks are more organized than me. So what do you use?

Beckett? (I find this organizer a pain in the tail)

Recently I've thought I spend too much time trying to organize to trade.

I used to have a nice website but ISP quit web-hosting. That's how I kept up with my have lists and it was nice and fun to keep that list updated. But now I'm struggling. (not paying for a site, and don't like the free ad-sites)
Neither. It really depends on the amount of time you want to dedicate and how much trading you plan on doing. I find it easier to just dig when a collector is looking for something. I have a good feel for what I have and where to find it amongst my boxes of stuff.

Freewebs is pretty much just a link hub for me. I photobucket hits (way behind on this), base fill 3200 ct. boxes to dump at shows/shops/garage sales, and all of the in-between stuff (star inserts, numbered cards, better name RCs) either get sent into COMC or sold in lots on this site. Sometimes the real big hits go on eBay or the PC.

I myself am done trying to organize long lists of cards. The only time I list is when trading a freshly busted box/case of newer product. Usually this is not very time consuming...and once everything is picked over, the rest goes to the common bin, COMC or is sold in a lot.

Other than that, I work with some traders on this site on player/team lots where I set aside base/inserts/etc. and trade them for lots of Twins/Vikings stuff.
What a great question. This is what I find works for me is I use a excel spread sheet. When ever I generate a trade. I go into the spread sheet mark the card on the sheet traded and add the new card onto the sheet. I have one for GU and one for autos. On the card protector itself I have a small post it. With the number matching the spread sheet. The way I keep the cards arranged is by the price of the card. I have the cards of 10-20 dollar auto's in one box. 20-40 dollar in another and so on. I do that with GU and auto's. Sounds **** but that is okay by me. I never have trouble finding anything in the blink of an eye. And when your dealing with several thousand cards it is essential you have a means of finding everything you need. Or break your booty spending a lot of time looking for what cards you need all the time. For me that takes the fun out of keeping cards in the first place.
I use both Beckett and Excel. The Beckett system took a long time to get used to and is still very buggy, but when it works, it works well for me. The Excel I use for lists and my PC. I feel an offline backup is a must!
All of my trade boxes are labeled with the Beckett "collection name" so when I am trying to find the one last card for a trade, I know which box to look in.