How is Topps with replacement redemptions???

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Jul 4, 2008
Just a question to pose to you out there that have had redemptions sent to Topps.

A while ago I sent in three redemptions to Topps from 08 Stadium Club. They were:
Johnny Cueto RC auto
Jed Lowrie RC auto
Emmanuel Burriss RC auto

The 15 weeks has now passed and I received an email asking if I was interested in getting replacement redemptions. None of the cards are high value, but the Cueto and Lowrie would be alright autos to have. I was wondering if Topps does a decent job with their replacement redepmtions, or should I stay the course with what I have.

I'm not trying to put this set together, and wouldn't care to much what set the autos come from. I just want to make sure i get baseball in return, since it is all I collect.

I recently had the same situation with Panini/Donruss with a Chris David Rc patch auto, and they hooked me up with a Rick Porcello Rc patch auto instead.

So for those of you that have been in this situation before, let me know how it worked out for you, and your opinion on what I should do.

Thanks for listening and for any advice you might have.

Last time I heard, Jed Lowrie was refusing to sign and Cueto wouldn't sign anymore until topps paid his contract.
So you may be in a little downside-battle for them..
As long as they don't send you different sport autos like they did to me (and they were all duplicates) you will be better off calling them immediately.
Cueto signed his; you should get it (I got 4 of them mailed to me). The other two still haven't signed yet. I decided to wait longer since they now have the off-season to work on them. I'm also waiting on Chris Perez and Jeff Clement from that set.