how many boxes of bowman chrome are you buying and why?

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Apr 18, 2006
naugatuck CT
2010 bowman chrome baseball is scheduled to be released october 13th and is being pre sold right now. im just curious to see how many boxes everyone is planning on buying and if your going to break them or flip them? ive heard that they could go as high as 200 a box. personally ive already ordered 2 and i plan on buying a lot more. id like to buy a case but for me its not financially feasible to drop a grand on a case at one time so im going to buy boxes as i go as long as they stay under 100(they were 84 when i bought them on blowout last night with free shipping on orders over 99). im hopeing to have close to 20 when they come out. then my plan is to break 1 maybe 2 and if i get a real nice hit like the type hit that could pay for most of the lot then ill break the rest since im assured at that point to make my money back. but the more likely scenario for me is to hold them until the price goes up and then around christmas(depending on the release date of bowman draft) sell off hoping that the demand for the boxes coupled with the added demand of people wanting christmas presents for collectors could drive the prices high.
None at the rate of the current price gauging going on. BC boxes are usually 70 bucks for hobby and 120 for jumbo. Any more then that its a rip off
I ordered 10 cases. Probably will open 1-2 and sell the others.

10 cases? dang thats a ton you should make real good money on those. i wish i had the money for some cases but right now i can only buy boxes as i go but i should have a decent amount when it comes out.