HOw many mis-slabbed cards have you seen?

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Jul 20, 2007
St. Louis, MO
Have you seen a card in a slab that wasn't the one that it was supposed to go into? Is it rare, happens occasionally...?
someone here posted up a scan of one that was the exact same as another card he was getting graded...the two were completely different cards but the "error" had the same label and number as the other card he sent in...they must print those labels in series and that one must have printed twice...kinda odd.
I have an 01 Topps Traded Alfonso Soriano 99 rookie reprint someone had graded and the BGS label says 1999 topps traded rookie.. A BGS grader can't see the clear Topps 50th Anniversary on the front!
Thanks for the story and link. I sent 6 cards to PSA. One was a 72 Fisk/Cooper Rc. One was a 1970 RBI Leaders. I put on the form not to slab the Fisk if it was lower than 8.

They put the 72 Fisk RC in the slab that the 70 RBI Ldrs was supposed to be in, and sent me the 70 RBI Ldrs in a hard card with a Fisk RC sticker on it.