How much more value does this bring.

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Aug 11, 2010
New York
After another member got card #9, Roger maris card in a series. It made me think about a miguel Tejada #10 card I have. So today I went looking through my GU and found a Gaylord Perry in Giants uni, the team that retired his #36, my card 36/100. How much more desireable or more value do you think this type of cards bring. Obviousy value is ammt someone wiling to pay. Maybe I shouda done this as a poll, how many people think this increases the cards value at least 1.5x, 2x, 5x, 10x or no extra value.
I collect Bill Hall's jersey number cards for the teams he has been with (Milwaukee #2, Seattle #3, Boston #22). I also am willing to put in larger proxy bids when I notice these cards. As far as placing that value on it - you can't. That #36 Perry is no more rare than #60, etc.

Obviously no number more rare then another, its the signifigance factor. On the card it says his jersey #36 and then a 1/2 inch away #'ed 36/100. If you're a hardcore perry fan, you'd rather have that card then any other #. So my question is how much more is that worth?
It does increase the value, but you can't just say a #1 or jersey number is "x" times more valuable. I had a card of Moises Alou that was #1/4000 that I got $9.99 for on eBay when it was a $0.60 book value card. I have a Chris Webber that is actually serial numbered #1/38000 which is much more significant a feat than a #1/25, autos and game used are more valuable for the personal connection to the player than a serial number so the premium would be less. I would say in most cases the premium is in the $5 to $10 range or 20% more at most for more expensive cards with the latitude for the size of the print run.
JamesNevans, very well said!

I have over 100+ Bernie Williams cards numbered to his Jersey 51/. I also collect my other Yankee player serial numbered cards numbered to their jersey numbers. It all depends on the player collectors. I almost always pay a larger amount for these cards as well as the first runs 1/ 01/ 001/ and even last.
Find that Gaylord Perry collector and you may get a small to medium premium, otherwise probably not.

I give more for #6 Garvey cards and even go a little more on #60, 66, 600, 606, 660, 666, etc. when I can find them, but the #6 is always my #1 goal.
There may be someone out there like Kevin who would want #36/36 for that card, but unless that number had significance for those players, it's just as you noted, the last card. There will always be a first and last card in any serial numbered run and no number is necessarily any harder to find than another, but when the numbers have some sort of meaning, that is when you will see a premium. As James noted earlier, huge print run cards have so many numbers, so finding a specific one in say a 10000 card run might be more exciting. If you had an early Donruss Elite card of Frank Thomas #35/10000, you would probably see a large premium on that one. Where as having a 2010 Frank Thomas insert card #35/50 would probably not be any huge deal. I am guessing that is where the first/last card premium developed, trying to find something a little more special in such a large print run.

I had never thought of last card beign more valuable, guess that why it didnt make it into listing but my card on ebay right now is #36/36.
This is kind of dumb but I always shoot to get my jersey number ;). I was #11 in highschool, college and the 101st softball team. But really I could care less if it is the guys jersey number or not. The card is the card either way.