How to become a breaker?


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I have been debating about doing some group breaks, but unlike most breakers out there, I do not want to make money off of it.

I find myself wanting to buy products to open packs and am really only after a couple players from each given set, so I would want to just sell off the other teams in order to lessen the blow to my wallet, and not end up with a bunch of cards that I don’t have a need for.

I also sometimes come across boxes that I can buy cheap, at least below cost, but still expensive for me. Sometimes I can find boxes like 2017 Topps, 2018 Gallery, 2019 Finest, and a slew of blasters and hangers from various years (mainly 2015-2021).

Thebench seems like the group break section is filled with similar ideas, nothing over priced, and just got nature’s collectors who want to help each other out.

My question is, how do I gain the trust of the site in order to do some low end breaks?