i have a posting problem can a mod help me out. ?

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Oct 6, 2002
hi. I seem to have a postin problem here in the bench. I can post treads.

but when I try to post a trade, on the trade page where it asks if your just trading with a member. I click on the circle. and hit next. the page just refresh it self like I never did anything. each time I click for a trade it just does it again.

it something wrong on the site. or is it my computer. as I have no problem on other sites. thanks.

yes. iam still having problems. the site will not let me post or confirm trades. I can only post threads or comments on this site. larry
I just tried posting a trade in the trade manager (using Firefox in my browser) and didn't experience the issue you are describing. What browser are you using and are you experiencing this issue in all browsers?
Try clearing your browser cache. Chrome should work fine.

To do it on Chrome click on the button with 3 dashes to the right of the url bar.
Then More tools
Then Clear Browsing Data
check off cookie and cache, leave the rest unchecked.
i just down loaded mozilla firefox. and now everything looks and works fine. hope i did not mess my other sites. ;]