I have some unwanted MCG.. Anyone want them?

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As I'm sure some others have done, I redeemed some of my 2010 Topps Million Card Giveaway cards.. After redeeming about a dozen, or so, I realized that it was a gimmick that I didn't have much luck doing, so I then began to sell the redemption cards instead.

I do however have a few cards that I have no plans of redeeming, as the final date for redemption of these cards is fast-approaching.

Does anyone want these? I will gladly give these to anyone who wants them! I think that on the website you have to make a "trade", so if you want to redeem any of these, I'll take any trade on the Topps website!

1960 #135 Ken Johnson RC (KC)
1966 #342 Bob Humphrey (CHC)
1978 #388 Bill Fahey (TEX)
1979 #125 Bobby Murcer (CHC)
1980 #399 Mike Proly (CWS)
1982 #53 Greg Gross (PHI)
1980 #514 Steve Ontiveros (CHC)
1985 #79 Rick Mahler (ATL)
1985 #132 Yogi Berra/Dale Berra Father-Son (NYY/PIT)
1986 #535 Toby Harrah
1989 #615 Robin Yount (MIL)
2005 #26 Scott Schoenweiss
2007 #151 Kendry Morales

If you have any MCG's that you don't want to redeem but would like to offer to other traders on the Bench, feel free to post your list in this thread!