I sent this one out the day before Hurricane Ike slammed into us in Sept. '08...

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Never thought these would show up, but today they arrived...

Bill Fahey 2/2
c/o home

Both are set hits, the 1976 Topps and the 1977 Topps. I guess it's true, neither rain, sleet, snow, or ruthless hurricanes will keep the Post Office from delivering the mail!
You never know what you will get back my record is 2248 day but, there was no hurricane. Congrats on the return.

You don't get many hurricanes up there, but you do get some really nasty ice storms! Yes, I've had those long returns, as well. The longest is in the 5-6 year range, but those don't happen often. They do happen though.
looks like nothing will stop them from delivering the mail.. now if they would stop bending my cards i would be very happy hahaha.. congrats on the return!!!!