I will not call it a steal, but I am very happy!


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I've been burned by this seller. The feedback about the Braun (2nd negative from the top.) Its the only neg I have ever left, but he gave me some long story about sending the card to the wrong person and waiting for the card to be returned. In the end I waited long enough so I could no longer file a Paypal complaint and of course the scumbag completely stopped answering emails

Hopefully he'll send yours with no problem. Its a great steal (and yes, Im calling it that too), but just make sure to stay of top of the seller


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I got it in yesterday. It is a very sweet card! It is #10/10. I am a little surprised he did not try to push it as an "eBay 1/1."



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ya i wish the best for ya tal. heard of people who have had problems with this guy before as well. he's 50/50. if he doesn't go ruin his christmas spirit with a paypal complaint!