Ichiro IP...how is he? anyone got him besides ST?


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any good at the park? batting practice? before the game starts? hotel? any info be great thanks!


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From what I've heard, if he signs anywhere its like hitting the jackpot. He actually did a signing in Seattle sometime around January with items starting at $100, and people did pay it. Don't expect anything is my 2 cents on him.


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That is too rich for me. I will live with out a Ichiro autograph believe me.
It is not enough they make millions because of the fans. then they try to go into your pocket for a autograph like that. I think that is criminal. My opnion of course. Some of this guys stuff is outrageous. I am wondering if his is so costly what should say Mickey Mantle or Carl Yaz that are triple crown winners be? Makes you think?