Identification Help card in my PC Jeter and O’neill

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Sep 15, 2005
I asked for info about this card in May of ’08 and we never found the answer so I am bringing it back for the new members or maybe someone who came across the same problem.

I have a 1998 Collectors Choice Paul O’neill #444. I also have the same exact card in every way except the card number. My other one is #5. I know they did stuff like team issue cards but I never came across another one and Beckett has no listing for the number 5. Any Help would be appreciated, Kevin in CT.

Card front is the same:
Card back I only see the card number being different:

Next is a very common:
2002 UD Piece of History Batting Champs Jersey #POj Paul O'Neill

and the grey also common but the pants version but (Not at all listed in Beckett)
2002 UD Piece of History Batting Champs Pants #POp Paul O'Neill

Now the card in question. It is a piece of (Blue) Jersey. I never saw another one like it. Also the card stock thickness is double of the regular version??? Does anyone know what this could be from??
2002 UD Piece of History Batting Champs Jersey #POj Paul O'Neill


Now the last. I did narrow it down to this card maybe being a give away with a gaming company. The back does have a little logo for Humongous Entertainment.which sells Atari games but has anyone ever seen these Jeters before?
The Jeter came with the Nintendo game "backyard baseball"... Not sure which year though.. I had some of the "All star baseball" video game cards of Jeter that I recently traded.. What year is the Jeter card? That either came with "gameboy, N64, or GameCube"..

This pic is of the PC version!!


Here is the check list:

Backyard Baseball 2001 was the first installment of the Backyard Baseball series to include real major league players in the game. The major league players are depicted as kids, of a similar age to the other backyard kids. There are 31 major league players, one from each team and two from the Cincinnati Reds. The following major league players are included in the game:

Baltimore Orioles: Cal Ripken Jr., 3B
Boston Red Sox: Nomar Garciaparra, SS
New York Yankees: Derek Jeter, SS
Tampa Bay Devil Rays: Jose Canseco, OF
Toronto Blue Jays: Raul Mondesi, OF

Chicago White Sox: Frank Thomas, 1B
Cleveland Indians: Kenny Lofton, OF
Detroit Tigers: Juan Gonzalez, OF
Kansas City Royals: Carlos Beltran, OF
Minnesota Twins: Marty Cordova, OF
Anaheim Angels: Mo Vaughn, 1B
Oakland Athletics: Jason Giambi, 1B
Texas Rangers: Ivan Rodriguez, C
Seattle Mariners: Alex Rodriguez, SS

Atlanta Braves: Chipper Jones, 3B
Florida Marlins: Alex Gonzalez, SS
Montreal Expos: Vladimir Guerrero
New York Mets: Mike Piazza, C
Philadelphia Phillies: Curt Schilling, P
Chicago Cubs: Sammy Sosa, OF
Cincinnati Reds: Ken Griffey Jr., OF; Barry Larkin, SS
Houston Astros: Jeff Bagwell, 1B
Milwaukee Brewers: Jeromy Burnitz, OF
Pittsburgh Pirates: Jason Kendall, C
St. Louis Cardinals: Mark McGwire, 1B

Arizona Diamondbacks: Randy Johnson, SP
Colorado Rockies: Larry Walker, OF
Los Angeles Dodgers: Shawn Green, OF
San Diego Padres: Tony Gwynn, OF
San Francisco Giants: Barry Bonds, OF

I think these may have all been released for the PC...

Good Luck,
The front says 2000 Pacific and so soes the copywrite date on back. I guess it could be 2000 or 2001. Any bv prices around for these?

Christopher, nice work!

mindbinge....I have to agree with you about it being a batting practice jersey but my bigger question is why cant I find another and why is it noticeably thicker stock and how many are out there???
I have a couple of 1997 team sets from collector's choice, new york yankees and cleveland indians. they appear to be the same as the regular cc from that year, but the numbering's different. above the number, there is a "ny"
or "ci". cards are numbered to 13, so i'm assuming there are 13 in each set. i haven't opened them so i can only see the last card. maybe they did the same in 1998, but left off the team notation

I am very familiar with those 97’s and so far I cant find anything on these 98’s . I have been collecting O’neill for years and Yankees as well and never came across any “Team” sets for the 1998. You would think I would by now if they were out there. The collection I bought where this had came from included wrong backs and proff cards so as of now, I am lost.
Did you get it from the actual game or somewhere else? I would imagine if they sealed random players in there it would be tough to find a player your looking for.
I do not completely remember but I'm pretty sure I have the game so thats probably where it came from
(1) out of the three solved. Thanks

The other two I had a Bench member check the newest almanacs with no luck. If anyone knows let me know. THANKS!