Selling Jazz Chisholm PC To Help My Father-In-Law

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Nov 26, 2018
Hello everyone,

It's with a heavy heart that I have to address my Father-In-Laws terminal cancer privately or publicly but I am in a position to help out a bit. My father-in-law worked his fingers to the bone in a factory for 40 years and pinched pennies and cut corners so his family could have and it's all in jeopardy now. He was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer and he wept and the first words out of his mouth after composing himself was who would take care of his girls? His children are all grown and married obviously but what never changed was his drive to leave something for his kids when he was gone it was his drive his whole life so he saved and bought properties and invested in stocks but understand he was a simple Kentucky kid who never learned to read so what he accomplished was basically his life's work and with his new diagnosis it may all be lost so I want to help him and the only way I feel I can do that is to sell off some of my collection. In 2021 I invested a large amount of money building a Jazz Chisholm collection and it is highly valuable at this time and I will sell it all for him. There are a bunch of non base stuff involved some can't be noticed by just photo alone and I will have time later to address any questions about the xollection.there are even a few cards not shown yet like a Heritage Black /50 RC I am asking $2,500 for the lot but I can't give favorable deals and I understand it's a large investment and it's ok if nobody bites I will sell them individually on Ebay and will get what I'm looking for but it will take time. Please reach out if you have an interest I would even be up for negotiating cash trade but would have to be something I can gain money on and can turn over quickly. God bless everyone and I hope the best for everyones health and well being. Thank you for listening.


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couple more the heritage black SP with print run of 50 will grade a 10 no problem.


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