If you're not tired of questions about 2009 T206

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Nov 14, 2005
Fishkill, NY
Here's another.

I'm trying to sort out how the SPs work. I know there is a list of variations of the base set. There are 50 cards that I believe have just the name and league on the back.

For example, I have one of George Sisler that only says "Sisler National League" on the back. That's the base SP, correct?

I'd like to know if the cards with the back variations also have a different picture on the front? I have a (Walter) Johnson SP back that has a picture on the front different from the other Johnson base cards I've seen.

Also, I have one mini with whiter edges., Chase Utley. What variation is this?
Thank you.
The Piedmont series minis with 'whiter' edges are SPs, the photos on front should match the SPs in the 'regular size' set (that have no bio writeup on back, just a "national/american league" or "rookie" designation). If you want to build complete sets of minis with Cycle, Old Mill, or Polar Bear backs, those sets are complete at 300 (there are not 50 more SPs). - Jim