Im Done Buying Pannini

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Aug 19, 2003
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So for the second time after opening a product of theirs and getting shorted on autos, they send me a bum replacement. The first time I was shorted was in a box of 07 Absolute about 6 months ago. They sent me a Tyler Palko auto. They guy was cut in 08 and has never taken a snap in the NFL. I played it off as you cant win them all no biggie. No I was shorted 2 autos in my 07 Leaf Limited case. Mind you I buy tons of Pannini. One replacement isnt that bad with a Chad Johnson auto /85. But the other is Andre Allison Auto /99. The guy hasnt played since 08. I mean seriously. I buy a case and Im shorted not to mention damaged cards I sent back and I get Andre Allison? You cannot win them all but look at how much of a product someone buys of yours and make sure you take care of them decently. Im not asking for an AP but give me a guy in the league that plays. Sorry for the long rant but I have heard tons of people knocking Pannini lately and I guess its true.