I'm kinda mad a Topps right now

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Dec 1, 2009
Hi, some of you may know I have been going after 2009 Bowman Chrome Football Master Auto Set. I am really close about 95%, missing 8 auto's out of 55 and missing 25 refractors for nearly 2 base refractor sets.

I have been searching ebay, you tube, google, and card shops around the US. Not once have I ever seen autographs of 5 of the 8 auto's I am missing. 1 of the 8, happens to be a redemption. The other 2 are Mark Sancez and Mike Wallace are found on ebay, which it seems I always get out bid with one second left.

So, with the 5 I have never seen; I called Topps today and this is what they said, "Oh, uh I think there is a problem with the checklist's that went out with the cards", I said, "Ok, is there an updated checklist?", Topps said, "Uh, no", I said, "Do you know when it will be released?" of course the answer was No! I began to be frustrated and posed this questions, "Are the 5 autographs on the checklist in the set or not?" I really got upset when the rep. said, "I don't know" and he could not direct me to someone who did.

To make things worse I have a few doubles of the autographs out of the set and one of the autographs do NOT Match at all. The arches and loops are totally different. Once again no one wanted to authenticate them for me. PSA said they will not go against Topps and will not authenticate or deem fraudulent. I even wrote to beckett to see if they would do a story or research and have not got an answer back yet.

I am truely turned away and frustrated from Topps for the time being! I am sure I will get over it but, I have spent a load of $$ and feel cheated!

Ok I am done venting now and feel a little better.

doesnt surprise me really...customer service has gotten to be a thing of the past...if it ever was to begin with.
send me a pm and I will call who I know at topps and ask for you. (and NO I will not share my contacts with anyone)