Improving the "eye appeal" of those beaters


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Was wondering what techniques some of you have used to improve the
the eye appeal of beaters you may have picked up over the years ?
After reading an interesting piece over at Net54 , I decided to attempt
to clean a card with the simple method of soaking . The result was good .
Have yet to attempt a crease or wrinkle reduction , but that will be next .
Before anyone gets excited , this is a project for "roughed up" cards I own and plan to keep !!!
I'm sure others here have experimented with this sort of thing and would like to know what your
successes and failures were plus your thoughts on this subject .
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I haven't really done anything beyond using a nylon to reduce the wax stain on a card. As far as beaters, I think the wear and tear is part of their history, so I don't mess with it.