Insuring ones collection

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So the wife and I have been talking a great deal, and I think it might be time to start thinking about getting some sort of insurance policy towards my collection. My actual not for trade, not going anywhere, PC collection. Has anyone else on here explored this? I'm thinking that part of my collection is probably in the neighborhood of $10K and it has taken me since I was a teenager to get to this point. I would be devestated if they were stolen or destroyed. Is doing something like this super expensive? Where to even begin? Thoughts?


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I think you should start by contacting the insurance company that insures your residence. They can tell you what they will require in order to add the collection to your policy, which is usually done on a rider to the policy. Typically they will require an appraisal of the collection from a verifiable source. It may help for you to take photos as well. The cost (i.e. premium) of adding the collection to your policy will be based on its value.



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mentioned to our insurance company about my collection in last years get together and it can be covered under normal insurance as if the collection being lost from break in or storms. they just wanted a detailed list of what in in the collection that would be replaced and how much it would cost to replace such item.

each company may be different so definitely check with the one you have.


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Steve1972 that is pretty much all our insurance company did they requested pics of the higher end stuff like vintage and autos but it was pretty easy. one other company wanted a detailed list if everything which was impossible at the time


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If you can bear to be apart from your collection and visit it occasionally, look into a safe deposit box. I put my most prized cards in one and for less than $100 per year they are safe...and you can get a lot of cards in a large box. Like you, these are cards that aren't going anywhere......... until my kids sell them.

Just an option



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You can also do what we do out in the country, and that is invest in a home fire/flood proof safe to store some of your more prized items. They are pretty inexpensive, and can be bolted to the floor to make theft virtually impossible!

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