Interesting Day Today


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I'm not really sure what to make of what happened in my autograph life today. I got no TTM successes, but I did get a pretty sweet eBay lot in today.

Johnny Cueto (white jersey, red patch, grey jersey w/ auto and just auto)

Then I went to the Rangers Caravan that they had down at Academy today, which was supposed to be headlined by Tommy Hunter...well...he had an emergency and without notice was replaced by Dustin Nippert. UGH! I like Nippert, he's a great guy, but I was looking forward to Hunter...I made customs and everything. Nippert told us he had an emergency...Idk but I still wasn't very happy. Anyway this is what I got today:

Doug Mathis customs that I made (no one was there so i asked if they would mind signing a few extra and no one minded :D)

Josh Lewin customs I made

Lewin Sig Cards that they wanted us to take. Lol.

Jackie Moore Sig Cards

Dustin Nippert Sig Cards

Doug Mathis Sig Card

There were probably about 20 people there for an hour and a half signing so they wanted to sign everything we had and give us all those sig cards. Lol. Not bad I guess but I would've liked Tommy Hunter. Oh well, I'll get him in Frisco on Sat.

Thanks for looking!