IP autos & Hobby pack hits

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Feb 3, 2007
San Jacinto, Ca.
Went to the 66ers vs. Quakes tonight, but before that went to a local card shop to pick up some ball holders, decided to go ahead and buy a couple of packs of 2010 Topps series 2 (first time in about 4 or 5 months that I have bought cards).

Here are the goods:



I have another signed Ethan Martin program FT, also for everybody I am doing 50/50 with on Stubbs, please be patient...he is not the easiest guy to get and when I do get him to sign, he does three at a time...slowly but surely I will get your cards signed by him.
Thanks for looking
Wow nice cards. I have the Lowell Spinners (redsox) about 10 mins away from me I can see what I can get for you if your interested.

Just wondering is the #3 for sale or trade by any chance?
Wonderful job like usual. If that Red Hot is available, let me know as I'm building the set.

Thanks....I will let you know about the Red Hot Rookie card...also I have one more card to get signed for you (Redding) for your Loons set...There are four cards that still are not signed (Vetters, Garcia, Brannon, Guerra) because they are not with the 66ers. Do you want me to wait and see if any of these guys come back or do you want me to go ahead and send the set back to you after I get Redding?
Well, here is what I found on those guys.

Travis Vetters - http://www.lakeeriecrushers.com/team/roster/6/51/
Blake Brannon - still clueless on his wherabouts
Javy Guerra - Chattanooga AA
Luis Garcia - Nationals system, traded for Belliard last year according to article

I guess none of them are likely coming back, so you can just send them back unsigned once Redding is done.