Is wonky for anyone else today?

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Oct 19, 2005
Duluth, MN
I can get to the homepage, I can log in just fine. But everytime I type in a card to look up a price I get the Beckett page cannot be displayed page.

Guh, My Organize is even working(extra slow), It only isnt working when I search for specific cards. So Annoying to pay for their wonderful services.
Exactly what I've found. works fine. But when you actually search for cards, the error message comes up.
Rant Time

Finally back up for me. I was having that same error problem when trying to price. Believe it or not Beckett called me while they were down. I think I ruined a telemarketers day trying to sell me a print subscription of Beckett for the second day in a row. My family already gets the Sports (articles), Baseball (print run help n such), and I get online baseball monthly(prices). Guess I shouldnt have taken my frustration out on the caller (even though I had to decline 10 times in 2 days even though I told them my family had already put the orders in for a renewal) Even though I told the one yesterday I declined, they told me they had my credit card info and would proceed. I had to basically yell NO!
When you are trying to put a deal together with cards from several newer inserts and online goes down that can let some of your cards go elsewhere. Seems like it only happens when a big deal is being I will be happy when they get the kinks out of the site (like they ever will) and make the maintainence time down some late nights.
Hope it stays on for a while

PS: What would we do without
Maybe their server is located in the midwest and is being blown away in huricane type winds we've been having. :rolleyes:

it was hanky for me yesterday too, they said they were updating the site, har har.. but its located in texas for an fyi.
I got an email from them after my complaint!!!!! It said they were "working on thier new site that should be done any time" (heard that for 2 yrs) they "apologized for being down all day and that it had been discussed by the Beckett President in a letter on the homepage?" First off I dont link to the first page, guess I should. The only thing that really bothers me is all the people that have online subscriptions and when they down like that they dont offer to extend subscriptions an extra day or refund for a day. Heck offer a grading slip to anyone who is involved and asks. (Ive only graded at BGS once but they could offer) Maybe someday soon they will straighten things out before the card market crashes and we all go back to our day jobs without a hobby to keep us
Another Rant
PS - Oh and for the 3rd time in 2 days they called me to resubscribe after I told them to quit the first time. Grrrrr.
I got an email as well yesterday, listed below. Must of been one of the 20 messages i sent stating " if your going to sell a service, why not actually providing it".

On the brighter side, I signed up for the 2 year (20 issues) holiday subscription which breaks down to $1.75 an issue.

Thank you for contacting us.

We regret any inconvenience that you have been encountering on our website and thank you for your patience as we make improvements..

We are diligently working on improving existing speed, stability and usability of our existing website. Meanwhile we are heavily investing in the development of a brand new website with an updated architecture and technical infrastructure which will eliminate these issues completely.
Here is a link to a recent letter from the new President of Beckett regarding the site issues and future plans
I've got a feeling that when they switch over to the new site there are going to be more headaches than what we have now.