Is it just me or is it everybody?

Why is getting harder for me to do trades?

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Sep 29, 2007
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I used to do alot of trades on here when i first started a long time ago i did triple amount of trades i do now a days!

I am wondering if just me or is that i live in europe that people dont want to trade or is it that i only collect auto's now a days which makes it harder to trade?

I am pretty easy to trade with at least i think and i have always had pretty solid stuff?

Is everybody else having similer trading situations or is it just me?

Let me know your take on this? ALSO vote on the poll?
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Now that My needs are Narrowed down to Maddux or Derrek Lee Needs only, I find trading to be a little slower. I doubt it has anything to do with you specifically, shipping to Europe can be a turn off for some traders. I would chalk it up to your limited Wants mostly though.
Paul I think that times are tough financially. Many traders can't afford to open a lot of boxes thus the availability of cards is down significantly. Also I think that collectors have down sized on what they collect. I think that a lot of the traders on The Bench just do posts for wants and don't aggressively look at other traders post to see if they have anything they can use. Others just don't have the time to put into it. I collect Barry Bonds and a lot of traders don't have much of his cards that I can use. My $0.02 worth. Remember this is a hobby... Butch

I didn't vote. None of those apply.
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could be a mix of both things. u living in Europe and also the wants that you are looking for.
Without a doubt for me, it's the limted wants. I've liked a bunch of your stuff, but have't been able to match up.
You need to add a box saying:
None of the Above.

I have slowed down. I do not buy as many hobby boxes as I did before.
Plus when I look for trades I would look at the traders needs if he has a site.
If I do not have anything he needs the chance of a trade happening is alot lower. I have had to pass on a lot of cards I like simply because I have nothing to offer or can not aford to buy.

You have had a few cards I would have liked but just do not have a lot to offer.
So hang in there. I find things run in cycles. Right now I think we are at the lower end of the cycle.

You and I have made a trade or two in the past, but I rarely open new products, so without having much for auto's to trade, there is my poll response.
None of the above....times are tough....It has slowed way down for me also...I also have limited wants and have not opened much product in the last two years, so I don't have much to trade either
I think Robert may have hit the nail on the head. I have not opened one pack of 2010 Topps II. I usually buy at least one hobby box butwork has been slowing down some and I just fogured it was maybe a little smarter to get a little ahead on some bills just in case.
It does seem a little slow sometimes. Usually when I'm in a trade drought,
I'll take a break and go through my cards and reorganize them. I doubt that being in Europe makes much difference. Anyone can see you have lots of trades with a good trader rating.
My trading activity has slowed to a crawl.

My wants are narrowed to only the 4 players I collect and each player collection is pretty far along. That and with fewer brands each year... there isn't much new stuff for my guys.

Next year there won't likely be any Darin Erstad cards. Bucky Jacobsen hasn't had a new card since 2006. I don't believe there have been any 2010 Will Clark cards. Eddie Murray keeps me busy with the new stuff.

Good luck on trading and Go Poland :) I am Polish by heritage. My grandparents immigrated to the states after WW2.
I never traded with you before, but I don't think the location has anything to do with it. If you have something I want, I wouldn't mind talking a trade with ya. I think it ultimately comes down on what you have and what you're looking for.
i havnt dealt much on here in a couple months. i did alot this summer but it has slowed down considerably and for the past month i have only logged on a couple times a week. ive had more success on SCF as of late but for some reason i cant move much on here right now either
Trading is slowing down...did you see the low numbers for this month Trader of the Month......I'm leading (was on Vacation for 5 days in San Francisco) with 42 trades this month....its a brand new low...You would have to go back 4 or 5 years!! Plus your in Europe! Best regards, David