Is This An Error card??

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Oct 10, 2002
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Cary, NC
I have a 1979 Topps #20 Mickey Rivers. According to the large Beckett Price Guide, card #20 is supposed to be Joe Morgan. Rivers should be card #60 in this set. I did notice that the font size for the card number is a bold #20 rather than the thin numbers used for the card numbers in the 1979 issue. Could it be that this is either:

1) An error card??
2) An Opee-Chee equivalent produced in Canada?
3) A counterfeit?

I can send a scan of the back of the card if you'd like to see it. Any insight would be appreciated.


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I'm guessing it's the Burger King issue, available regionally that year.
1979 Yankees Burger King #20 Mickey Rivers
It is from the 1979 Burger King set. They did the same in 1977 and 1978. Same looking fronts numbered different on back:

1979 Yankees Burger King #20 Mickey Rivers $0.75
According to beckett OPG there is a 1979 Yankees Burger King #20 Mickey Rivers. There is no picture though so I don't know if it looks like the Topps from that year or not.
Thanks to everyone for their help. The card looks exactly the same (front and back) as the 1979 Topps issue; again the exception being a bolder #20 on the back. Sounds like everyone is correct that it's the 1979 Burger King issue.

I'm impressed with the quick answer on this. Thanks!

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