is this card fake?

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Its a printing plate, but I haven't seen printing plates with the autos like that. Fake or not, I wouldn't spend $360 on it. Although if its real its worth it.
ya the triangle sticker for the 1/1 and the square one is for the auto. ask for the square one #'s and u can cross ref them to make sure the auto suppose to be on the triple threads
I don't think it's fake but I dont know the set well. If it is fake, it wasn't hard to make.
ya thats why there is a pretty number to type in or call and they can tell u what CARD the sticker auto suppose to be on.....
Beckett only has a single listing for an 08 Triple Threads Framed Magenta Plate and it is not supposed to be AUTO'd
This is strange because even though Beckett doesn't list it, it looks real. Sometimes beckett doesn't list everything.

I looked at his other cards that have been for sale and they are all real. Seems like he wouldn't go through all this trouble for one fake card. But people have done it.
The seller re-listed the card. So i send him a message asking about the card and where he got it. I'll let you know if he writes back.
Topps has had other printing plate auto cards before. It wouldn't surprise me if this were one of them. I have not heard of any plate/autos in this 08 TT issue, as Garvey is in the set, but you never know. Maybe they were unannounced and intended as pack surprises.
I e-mailed the seller and he told me that he bought the card from someone else and that he remembered reading about printing plate autos when the product came out.

Here's my question though. There is only one color printing plate for each card. So does this card have two sets of printing plates? Or were all of the printing plates auto versions....hmmmm

Also I did a search on ebay for other 08 Threads Plates and the Printing plate looks real, but im thinking someone might have peeled off the auto and put it on that plate because no other printing plate autos are out there...
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Ok I wrote to Topps and figured it out!!!

There are two versions of each printing plate: One Printing Plate Version and one Printing Plate Auto Version. So this is indeed a real card!!!