Is this card worth keeping or should I just trade it?

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Jun 28, 2007
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I pulled this card awhile ago, I don't really collect football cards but I am thinking about keeping this one. It's a 2001 Pacific #455 Chad Johnson RC Auto /1750. Is it worth keeping?
Dump it--get something you want. However, just an opinion :D
I know he is a good player but is he good enough to be a HOFer or not even that but remembered (f that makes sense to you guys).

PS. cdahlk, I'll keep you in mind
trade it!

find a nice need for your collection
If you are asking then you have reason to NOT want it in your collection.
I'd move it for something that fits your collection without question.

It looks like you have someone interested in this post.
Alright, I'll probably trade it, I will check your guys sites

Cdahlk- Not much I was interisted in

cpr- I saw a couple things, I am going to make a thread to see what other interist I get, I will keep you in mind
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