James Loney UD Masterpiece Autograph. Real or Fake?

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Jan 4, 2004
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Just for the heck of it, so I could compare the autographs, since this one looked a little weird to all of the other 4 loney autographs I own from various sets and years, I decided to post this up.

I pulled this today, to my liking since I collect his autographs.
The only problem is, Loney squares off his loop on his J every direction normally, and "Y" in his first name along with the "L" AND "Y" in his last name.
Take a look at some authentic examples.
even this one which is a little odd still squares off the first name and no loop in his "J"

Has anyone heard of anymore reports about wifes signing certified autographs? Not sure if he is married, but quite a possibility here..
I am laughing at the idea that I got a friend, possible wife, teammate or relatives autograph here.. haha
It wouldn't surprise me if someone else signed it. I believe it happens more often than we think.
I got one from him in person during a AAA game in Memphis. Just looked at my sig, and I agree.....the Masterpieces doesn't look like the same signer.

I wouldn't be shouting ghost signer on that one, especially considering it is certified and not a TTM/IP card and that you pulled it from a pack. It's possible that he grew tired or sped up to get through a few more. Who knows. It's not grossly different other than the point in the J and y, but you showed another with no point in the Y, so it's very possible he curved some of them.

However, it would not be the first time, I am sure, that someone else signed cards for a player.
He probably signed alot, and just rush signed the last ones he signed. I am going to be optimistic and say that it is real