July 2005 Site of the Month: theplasticman

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Mark Wing

5.00 star(s)
Feb 19, 2003
East Longmeadow, MA
July 2005 Site of the Month is theplasticman. He is an advid collector of Will Clark and Eddie Murray.

Stop by his site today and let the trading begin.
WOW! Awesome, thanks! Its definitely an honor. Appreciate the appreciation!

I would strongly suggest anyone looking for a nice clean, managable website to check out Wordpress. Its free and pretty easy to install. It is basically a 'Blog' and you can set up categories and all to maintain sections on your site.

The link is at

Its fully skinable (you can get these free many places) to customize the look of your site.

Also something I'll be using to build a search into my site for my cards I have listed to trade is a search that Mark Wing built:

Pretty awesome stuff. I cant wait to improve the site even more. Wordpress is pretty incredible and Im learning its intricacies as I go.

Partly on the Wordpress note, we developed a website using it for a business I help run. Check out http://www.illect.com to see part of what you can do with WP and some nice Flash work. 2 of my partners do web-dev so we have a good clean site. My card site is the first Ive tackled on my own. Gonna keep polishing that :D
Just did some updates and will finish them off once I get all moved into our new house from Sept 30 to Oct 15th. Trading will be slow for me during that time
thanks :)

Im pretty excited about it. Not quite finished yet. My next 'project' is integrating a photo gallery of all the cards I have for each player. It's quite ambitious but its kinda necessary (insurance) and will be awesome to look at when done!