Just a quick question

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Dec 11, 2009
I have a question since i thouht I looked over the fourms and maybe I missed it. Is there fourms where you post your mailday,s Pc items stuff like that? just wondering.
I would suggest the "successes" forum. Stuff like through the mail (TTM) auto's, or lets say you won a big time high end auto on eBay, the successes forum would be the appropriate one. Hope this helps!

You are looking for the recent pickup thread.

Every month starts a new thread. The December thread (current month) is located in the Card talk area. The first "sticky" is what you are looking for.

Here is the link:


thanks. do they have a thread or fourm where you can post your picks of you pc and sets? I am a member of a site that has a show and tell fourm. I post my ap pc and every time I get a new card for the pc I post a scan in that thread that i started. I also do it for my set of 09 prestige prestigious picks so I was just wondering if ther was a fourm or thread like that.