Just pulled a BRYANT AUTO...and it's for trade

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Mar 28, 2010
New Jersey
Went to the LHS today to pick up my Bowman DraftJumbo box and he made me an offer I couldn't resist on a couple boxes. One of the boxes was a Diamiond King box and I happened to pull this with the second pack I opened:

serial number 10/25.
I doubt any one here has enough Mets stuff I can use but I just thought I'd take a chance before I throw this up on Ebay. I'm not looking for 1 card to equal this one (selling upwards of $250+) Mets card. Would rather have quantity of Mets but will consider quality. LMK if any interest out there. Thanks
I was telling (complaining to) my LHS owner that it had been a very long time since I pulled anything nice from him. So when I called him and told him I pulled the Bryant, he said "Now I can stop complaining". I said, "If that's what I pull every time I complain, I am going to complain more!". He just laughed...thx