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Just wanted to say thanks


5.00 star(s)
Hi all,

I do not know if this is the right forum for this email, but I just want to say Thank You to so many traders who helped me complete many sets this year. If this is not the right forum, please accept my appologies

My card Heroes are

2015 Totals
Jerry Robertson 12x
Mike Napoleon 12x
Jack Downs 9x
Greg Konkoff 8x
Adam Donaldson 7x
Kelly Glazner 5x
Jim Goodreid 4x
Wayne Graves 4x
Mike Molek 4x
Pat Looney 4x
Bobby Leonard 3x
Colin Mercer 3x
Jimmy Liang 3x
Ron Brown 3x
Jack Dworetzky 3x
Doug Flater 3x
Michael Salinsky 2x
Damian Varga 2x
Randy Welk 2x
Mike Kelemen
Curtis Trevathan
Larry McGowan
Al Smith
Dan Krapf
Michelle McDaniel
Eric Enloe
Gary Sitze
Jack Pallen
Tim Smith
Quincy Wong
Anthony Coker
Tom Moss
Eric Blomain
Carl Kogut
Dave Keller
Tim Stransky
Mike Deeter
Bob D'Angelo
Tom Biggs
Dale Johnson Jr
Kevin Green
Bob Bard
George Cole
Glenn Publicover
Bee Beecroft
Ray Schneider
Kenny Coquillard
Stanley Campbell
Rick Clopton

Thank you Heroes!!
Happy Trading,